Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pictures of the goat kids born this week at Ruedy Ranch

This little girl was looking a little chilled.  For some reason Grandma would only let mom nurse the one girl so this one kept getting pushed away.  We finally had to put mom and her new babies in a private stall without Grandma and then mom was more than happy to nurse both!

We keep little dog coats on hand just in case anyone needs to warm up a bit.  This little girl was very thankful for her little coat!

Grandma was very helpful. Here she is giving her daughter Buttercup a little nuzzle of encouragement.

Grandma Daisy helps to clean off the girls.

They stop to pose for a family portrait, 3 generations.

Finally some more girls.  Until these two were born we had only one other girl and 8 boys!

Here is the little one who was a little chilly after being born.  Now she is dry and more comfortable.

Such a good grandma.

Pretty girl.

Here they are with mom after being moved to a more private stall.

Mom and babies are doing wonderful.  They are close enough that Grandma can still see them but she can't interfere.  Anytime one of them makes the slightest little peep Daisy runs up to the fence to check on her granddaughters.  I can't wait til Daisy finally has her kids and then they can all be together.  I wouldn't be surprised if Daisy willingly nurses her kids and her grandbabies!

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