Thursday, October 20, 2011

Summers End

Ok, ok, I have heard you and I will attempt to become the blogger you expect me to be.  Let me remind you that from the beginning I have been honest that I hate writing.  I promise from here on out I will post regular goings-on around the farm. 

So yesterday the kids wanted to carve pumpkins and since my little sister was spending the night I thought it was the perfect time.  As dumb luck would have it we happended to have some pumpkins growing from our manure pile....that's right!  We threw our rotton pumpkins in the manure pile last fall and in August Gary hit something with the tractor while trying to control the untamable weeds around the soon-to-be-garden.  He came running in the house..."Shell, you gotta come out and see what I just hit with the tractor!"  Not exactly what I was expecting to hear.  Oh crap!  How bad is the damage? was my first thought.  So I followed him to the other side of the barn...there it was, nestled in the long overgrown weeds....The Great Pumpkin. 

As we started to look around the grass we were shocked to find four more large pumpkins that had gone completely unnoticed until now.  The next lovely surprise was the smaller blueish gourds that obviously came from the heirloom pumpkins I had bought at Bartens Pumpkin Patch the year before.  In the picture they appear very green but actually have more of a blue color to them.  I must have had my camera on the landscape setting!

What a nice surprise.  So yesterday was the day the kids had been waiting for....

They each picked their pumpkin....

Now let the carving begin! 

A special thanks goes out to Karen Walkington and her family who provided us with the pumpkins last year when we had family fun night at her house!