Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 Weeks and Counting...

We are finally getting very close to the "kidding" date.  We brought Rocky in on October 16 and he got busy right away so at least one of the girls should deliver by March 14th.  Woot Woot!  We started our countdown preparations this week.  Everyone got a CD&T booster over the last two weeks and this week we will finish trimming hooves.  I found a vintage baby scale at my favorite antique store last month.  What a great find.  Brand new, still in the box.  It will come in really handy to weigh our new arrivals.  I am also planning on ordering a vet scale this week.  You know, the kind they have at the vet to weigh your dog.  It will become a necessary tool for keeping accurate weight records of the girls and their kids as they grow.  It will eliminate the guestimating when having to give medication where dosage is based on weight.  Along with our own babies we are also eagerly anticipating the birth of another addition to our dairy herd.  I have made a deposit for a doeling from Century Farm.  We should hopefully have her by the middle of March.  Keep your fingers that she has twin doelings.  The farm will retain the first doeling and, provided there is one, I get the second!  I do have a second choice doe who will be delivering later in the month if Magnolia doesn't have enough girls to go around.  I will try to get pics up this week of the girls.  They are getting absolutely ginormous.  I have a couple of great remodeling projects to share as well.  We begin demolition on our bathroom this weekend.  I found a beautiful vintage claw foot tub that we are having refinished and would love anyone's opinion on color.  I asked Farmer G and he replied, "I don't care, you can do whatever you want."  There is a rare occation to when a husband this complacent is a drawback.  My idea is to have the inside finished in either almond or bisque and paint the outside of the tub a classic white.  I should mention that the hardware we will be installing is an oil rubbed bronze. 
I just thought it would like nice to have the inside of the tub a different color.  Once I make the decision I have to stick with it for at least 20 years so any advice is welcomed.  I will be posting the first pictures and hopefully a video of a goat kid birth on my Ruedy Ranch face book page so if you haven't "liked" it yet and you want to see pics hurry and get to it!   Oh, one last thing,  Rumble is coming home this weekend and I will get some pictures of him up as soon as he gets here!   "Rumble Ruedy" really has a ring to it, right?

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