Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And Finally A Girl is Born!

I will try and get some pics up tomorrow but just wanted to give a quick update.  We finally have some girls.  Last night at about 8pm we all watched as Blossom gave birth to twins.  The first one tried to come out with only one hoof forward so I had to go in and pull the second hoof out so she could deliver her little girl.  It wasn't pleasant.  I had to put my arm in almost to my elbow before I finally was able to grab the other leg and pull it forward.  The second was a boy which she delivered with no problems.  Both kids weighed in at 7.5 lbs.  A little on the smaller side compaired to the other girls but Blossom was only 8 months old when we bred her so this is to be expected.  Her next kids will be bigger.  Then tonight Buttercup had twin girls, alos 7.5 lbs.  She was also 8 months old when she was bred.  We didn't see her have them but came home after running some errands and there they were.  Daisy and Buttercup were both licking them off  and doting on them.  Daisy is Buttercup's mother and the grandmother to the twin girls.  It is not unusual for a Doe Mom to help her doeling as she gives birth.  Daisy was a little too involved so we ended up moving Buttercup to one of the stalls so that she could bond with her babies and not have mom butting in!  Daisy is the last one left to kid.  She is really close so maybe tomorrow.  Rosie and her 1 week old triplett boys have been moved back into the main group pen.  Those boys needed room to run and run they did.  Wow are they fast and wild and adorable.  Keep an eye out for picture in the next day or two.  Check out our Ranch Facebook page for info on our upcoming open house.  This event is open to the public and feel free to invite your friends.  Hope you can make it and that the weather will cooperate! 

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