Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hay Good Lookin

Whew...after managing to dwindle our hay supply down to our last 2 bales we finally got our winter supply.  100 bales are now nestled to the rafters in the feed stall.  With any luck my calculation of 100 bales will last us through the winter and no one will starve to death.  I do anticipate a very fat donkey by spring.  This hay is loaded with alfalfa.  Great for 7 pregnant does but a little rich for Dexter Donkey.  We bought this hay from the neighbor and he was nice enough to bring it over for us.  He brought it yesterday in the early afternoon when it seemed the sky was clearing up.  Knowing that rain was coming overnight we knew we had to get it put away that night.  The kids pushed the bales off the wagon and I loaded them 3 at a time on a dolly, passed them to Gary who piled them up.  It took us all evening but it's a good feeling knowing we have it there to get us through the winter.   Each wagon had 50 bales piled on!
This weekend we finally managed to finish a separate little area for Snowy, our baby Saanen.  It gives her a private little space where she can go and not get bullied and eat her hay.  The bigger goats tend to butt her out of the way at the hay feeder and they always drink the water in the small bucket that we set beside the larger tank for Snowy.  Now we can rest assured that she is getting her fair share.  I am also happy to report that she is growing like a weed.  The little piglet is drinking about 40oz. of milk a day.  We'll have to wean her in a few more weeks so she doesn't get to chubby.  One thing I didn't anticipate was that the younger little does would be able to fit through the little gate we made for Snowy to get through.   That's Blossom lounging around in the restricted area like she owns the place.  Snowy didn't seem to mind  so I decided to let her stay.  It's a sight for sure to see her squeeze her tubby tummy through the little hole.  Although from this picture Snowy seems just as 
tubby.  She seemed so happy I couldn't even consider asking her to leave.  As you can see she is grinning ear to pendulous ear and thanking me for her new space!


I am also thrilled to report that Dex's surgery incisions are healing nicely and he is a changed jack!  He is back to his friendly, playful ways and is no longer a danger to society.   If only people were so easy, right?  I managed to snap a few "last pictures of summer" photos in between downpours this week.  I love the one of Lilly standing behind her protector (Dex) while she contemplates moving closer.  I was lying in the grass and they were all dying of curiosity wondering what I could possibly be doing.  

Within a minute they all had their noses in my lens.  They were like a bunch of kindergartners screaming, "Take my picture next!" 
They're so stinkin cute though it's hard to get annoyed with them.  

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