Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get Back Jack

Today I made a goat milking stand.  Makes milking more comfortable.  It would only have taken about 15 minutes to milk mama and feed baby but ended up being nearly an hour.  It would seem the other goats think the "new girl" is getting too much attention.  I wonder if they can smell the grain on her breath and they know she's being well fed while they're condemned to munching only hay?  Anyways, the minute I opened the door to get her they made a mad dash to get out.  I managed to keep them back but the donkey was too much for me and he escaped.  Did he run?  Are you kidding me...he stood there on the other side braying until I came back and opened the gate for him to go back to the pasture.  Then he had the nerve to stand half in and half out of the gate so that the goats could make a run for it.  I barely managed to shove him through the gate before they all got out.  I am now weighing the pros and cons of guard dog vs. guard donkey.

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