Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another day in paradise

The weather is beautiful here in Minnesota.  Didn't do too much of anything today.  Yesterday we bought a "new to me" car.  Other than that the weekend has been pretty uneventful.  We will be passing on our little pickup to the college bound daughter.  She sounded pretty excited.  She's driven it before but only while wearing Nascar helmets. (It's a stick) She'll be coming over on Tuesday and with any luck she'll be able to drive it home. 

Snowdrop (baby goat) had me a little worried the last couple of days.  She been refusing any bottles but finally after three feedings without a bottle she sucked down 16 ounces this afternoon.  She saved herself a trip to the vet tomorrow.  The goods news is that she continued to drink water and eat her grain and hay.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Dex (donkey) is likely to get castrated before the scheduled end of September date we had originally decided on.  He has been more and more boisterous and the days go by.  He took a pretty good bite out of Josh's arm yesterday because Josh was holding a pail of grain and he apparently thought it should go to him.  Then today he harassed and chased Madeline through the pasture.  He's been a very bad donkey!

This morning I also pasteurized my first batch of goat milk for family consumption.  I'm just about to feed it to the kids at dinner.  I haven't decided if I'm going to tell them what it is or not.  I know Josh will still drink it but Madeline is another story.  I'll let you know how it goes...
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