Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adios Ferdinand!

Earlier this week we said farewell to Ferdinand.  He will be enjoying his new life in Lakeville where he now has two little girlfriends.  He will be much loved by a mom, dad and two little boys.  I received a text from Julie, the mom,  the next morning telling me that Ferdi had fallen asleep in her younger sons lap.  When I dropped him off at his forever home it didn't take him long to make himself aquainted and comfortable in  his cozy little house.  He was jumping off of rocks and running around with his new little lady friends when I left and I'm sure he will live a long and spoiled life there!

The exciting news for today was the delivery our beautiful new mammoth donkey.  On my facebook page I had a little naming contest.  The big winner of some handmade goat milk soap was Jen Larson with her name suggestion of Matilda.  We will call her "Millie".  I hope to get some better pictures of her tomorrow.  She was feeling pretty shy and it was hard to get a picture with her head up.  She has now settled in very nicely and acts like she's been here for years.  Her and Dex have become BFF's.  I tried to take Dex on a little walk this morning but when he heard Millie bray for him he stopped dead in his tracks and started to bray back at her.  Then he got so worked up we had to go back and get her.  He kicked and reared up and carried on til she was back in sight.  I thought she was going to jump right over the fence.  I'm relieved that they have become such fast friends but they can tend towards the dramatic!   Here are a few pictures from the first moments they met.   Initially she didn't seem too impressed with him and you can see she even chased him a little bit! 

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